Cordoba Stage Edge Burst

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Cordoba’s First Nylon String Electric Guitar! Years in the making, the Cordoba Stage is a combination of mastery and innovation. Created to bring you the same unplugged acoustic Cordoba sound across all platforms, from studio to stadium. The Stage combines a solid Spruce top with a figured Flamed Maple Veneer for projection, volume, and a distinctive aesthetic flair.

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Revolutionary Stage Pickup System Co-developed with Fishman

At the heart of the guitar is the revolutionary Stage Pickup System paired with a solid, fully chambered body for reduced weight and enhanced resonance, and a robust, tonal foundation. Equipped with easy-to-access Volume, EQ, and Body Blend knobs the Stage Pickup System allows players to dial in their preferred acoustic tone. Co-developed with Fishman to produce Cordoba’s authentic, acoustic nylon-string tone, the Stage is revolutionary in sound and feel.

Ergonomic Stage Friendly Shape and Cordoba Fusion Neck

Cordoba’s unique Fusion Neck with a comfortable 48mm nut width and fast 16” Fretboard Radius is slightly thinner than a traditional nylon string guitar and provides a playing experience closer to that of a steel-string guitar. This familiarity offers an easy transition for steel-string players and players with smaller hands to the world of nylon string guitar. The stage-friendly body shape with 1.5” (40mm) body thickness, a scaled-down perimeter, and meticulously carved contours provide ergonomic comfort to players of any style. The deep cutaway gives easy access to the higher frets perfect for on-stage solos that surpass the 10th fret.

Fully Chambered Mahogany Body

A solid, fully chambered body provides reduced weight, and enhanced resonance, and allows the top to resonate freely for natural acoustic tone and ease of movement while playing. Strategically placed Cordoba soundhole arches aid in the guitar’s vibration and natural nylon-string tone.

Quick Start

Turn all controls fully counterclockwise.
Plug Stage guitar into the amplifier or PA using the ¼-inch mono instrument cable.
Turn the Volume knob clockwise to raise the volume to your desired level.
Turn the Body knob clockwise to blend in the body sensor signal to your liking.
Set Body Blend – Turn the Body knob clockwise to blend in the body sensor signal to your liking.
Set Volume – Adjust the volume knob to the final desired level.
Set EQ – Adjust the EQ knob to your liking, turning the knob clockwise will reduce midrange frequencies and emphasize bass and treble frequencies.

Volume Knob

Volume: This control sets the master output level of the pickup system.

EQ Knob

EQ: This innovative one-knob tone control adjusts between a “flat” neutral tone with no frequency filtering (counterclockwise) and a “scooped” tone with reduced midrange and emphasized bass and treble (clockwise). As the knob is turned clockwise, more of the midrange frequencies are attenuated.

Roll the EQ control all the way counterclockwise for a neutral, present tone.
Roll the EQ control all the way clockwise for open and airy tone with added punch.
Try the EQ control in the middle position when you need just a bit of midrange cut.

Changing the presence of bass and treble frequencies is similar to the tonal differences in changing the size and construction of an acoustic guitar.

Turning the EQ knob clockwise to reduce midrange frequencies is also useful when mixing the Stage guitar with singers or other instruments by reducing midrange frequencies that may otherwise compete.

Body Blend Knob

Body Blend: This knob acts as a level control for the body sensor signal. In fully counterclockwise position, the body sensor signal is muted and only the under-saddle pickup signal is present. As the Body Blend knob is turned clockwise, signal from the body sensor is mixed into the signal.

Roll the Body Blend control all the way counterclockwise for a crisp, cutting tone.
Roll the Body Blend control all the way clockwise for dynamically rich, full bodied tone.
If any feedback is encountered while playing, rolling down the Body Blend control will reduce top sensitivity to feedback.

Om Cordoba Guitars

Grundlagt i 1997 har Cordoba på rekordfart vendt op og ned på markedet for klassiske nylonstrengede guitarer og ukuleler. Grundlæggeren Tim Miklaucics ambition er at lave de bedste produkter til både nybegyndere og professionelle.

Det højeste mål for Cordoba er at skabe guitarer, der har den størst mulige spilbarhed og dermed imødekommer flest mulige guitarspillere. Derfor har Cordoba også skabt et stort udvalg af forskellige nylonstrengsguitarer til guitarister med forskellige spillestil og til mangfoldige genrer. Der er guitarer med cutaway, med og uden pickup og crossover til stålstrengsguitaristen der mangler en spansk guitar med smallere gribebræt.

Cordoba produceres i både USA, Kina og Spanien.

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