Milkman Pint 10W Combo – 1 x 12″ Jupiter Alnico (Chocolate)

kr. 22.099,00

The Pint is designed to add a little bit more power to the low power Half Pint circuit. A custom Mercury Magnetics output transformer allows for parallel single ended 6V6 output. The Pint delivers 10 clean watts and 18 snarling overdriven watts when the amp is pushed all the way. Like its little brother, reverb and tremolo and Class A single ended breakup is the name of the game.

How about touch sensitivity and feel? The 5Y3 rectifier coupled with true class A design make the Pint the most touch sensitive Milkman amplifier to date. A pair of 6V6 running in a single ended design piles on scoop after scoop of creamy even order harmonics.

Jupiter Alnico 12″ has a classic American alnico magnet sound. A bit less transparent in the upper midrange, this speaker adds a “woody” tone to the Pint. Its lively on top, and a bit more focused in the bass response than its ceramic magnet brother. The speaker starts to break up and add alnico character as the amp is pushed.

The front end is similar to the Half Pint, with extended headroom, lush spring reverb, and deep output modulating tremolo. The amplifier is hand wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics and Jupiter capacitors standard.

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